Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Weekend Update

OK, no maybe its not the weekend. For some reason I was just thinking of that old skit on SNL with that Norm guy. It was always my favorite. I decided to take a sabbatical from blogging in June. There were some bad omens looming around and I didn't want any of you to get infected with some misdirected witchcraft. What has lifted my spirits? Its July. Know what that means? Football season approaches. I've also decided to quit taking things so damn seriously. I really haven't taken much time to enjoy myself lately.

Not all of you know this, but I took up jogging and eating better back in March (i think) For the longest time I wouldn't tell anyone how much weight I had lost. Call it supersticious if you want to, I just didn't want to jinx it because it was working so well. I kind of dropped the jogging routine due to the triple digit heat and my inability to get up and run in the A.M. The scale hasn't moved in a month so I figure I'll be here until it cools off a little. I also have not been very stringent on the diet over the past month, so I can't complain. If I removed the beer I'd probably be down to 200 by now, but I really like that stuff. (As a matter of fact I'm drinking a 1554 Black Ale right now) The final tally? 285lbs to 220lbs. I'll take it.

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