Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Houston trip

OK, so last week you know how I mentioned I was headed down to Houston for that graduation? I think I might have been a little inaccurate. It seems I headed down to Houston for a graduation party. The show started a little after 7 and we had a great time. Lots to drink, lots to eat, and a bunch of really cool people. We were pretty much trying to attract the cops with loud music and drunk people but they never showed up. It seems that if you get all of the neighbors drunk they are not able to call the police. All in all it was a good time, without an ounce of drama. At one point I cranked up the music in my truck...and left it that way for about 2 hours. The party lasted for a really long time and sunglasses were needed for the ride back to the hotel. After a couple of hours of sleep I had to get up and get to downtown Houston for the graduation. Luckily we had GPS and some of that headache powder stuff to assist with the commute. The only thing that got me through graduation was knowing that everyone else felt just as bad as I did. Especially the guy walking across the stage. We also did dinner with the family afterward and just hung out Sunday night. We all wanted to make another long night of it but none of us had the energy. We just sat around in a circle on the patio giving each other understanding stares that just said "yep, I feel like crap too. Entertain yourself" I hit the sack around midnight and got 7 glorios hours of sleep.

On a sidenote it turns out that going an entire weekend with a lowered immune system and hanging out with dozens of people can get you sick. I guess since I was at a crowded ballpark for 3 hours I'm lucky not to have swine flu.

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