Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Health food sucks

OK, I've been good for months now. I eat right and I work out a few times a week. Fortunately it is working and I'm doing good as far as the scale is concerned. Truth is I really want a T-bone, some potato chips, and please oh please a Dr. Pepper. I miss my friend and his 23 flavors of goodness. If I had a DP in the fridge I'd drink it right now. But no, I have removed temptation from my domicile. My last trip to the fridge I spotted a sack of carrots, some yogurt, and a bunch of condiments. Oh, and lots of beer that I feel guilty about drinking which is why its been there for months. Guess I'll keep my head down and keep doing what I'm doing. If anybody wants to come drink some of this beer please let me know. And we are not talking stuff that comes in cans. So there's your invite. Sunday you can come over and drink my beer and watch the NCAA tourney on my TV. I guess we will see how many of you can get a pass from the wife on Sunday.

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