Thursday, March 26, 2009

What bugs me?

I'm glad you asked. I would keep my mouth shut otherwise. Those of you that know me understand that I enjoy the more eclectic side of life. When I find something out of the ordinary I at least appreciate it, even if I don't particularly like it. There's an insight into my mental state 90% of the time. So here we go-

1. People that always eat the same food at the same place, and never have any adventure. These are the same type of folks that put ranch dressing or ketchup on everything. That really drives me up the wall.

2. Bad movies. Now I'm not talking bad movies in general, but movies that everyone gets to see before you. They all tell you its great, and when you finally do see the show it turns out your time would have been better spent playing solitaire.

3. We are still with the movie thing here, but do you know people that decide they are going to like a movie before they see it? Am I weird for thinking these people have a deficiency of some kind? I want to walk them to the computer and Wiki the word "objective".

4. Drunk people that need babysitting. Need I say more?

5. Sales tactics. Now I have to admit, I can appreciate a good salesman. But only because they are twice as much fun to screw with as a bad one. Usually I can catch a salesperson off guard and get them tripping over their words in no time. But when I come across a good one I actually have to try a little harder. Every now and then I find one that has an answer to everything I ask him, and more importantly he gets it all right. At which point I say, "Nice job man. You've got a nice pitch and you know your stuff. Now go find someone that is susceptible to your tactics." When he looks at me funny I just explain its this or beer. He understands.

5. Rap music. Just kidding.

5-b. The fact that I can't think of anything else that gets on my nerves. Lets just call this part 1. More to come at a later date.

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