Monday, April 20, 2009

Nature is cruel

The other day I was driving home. It was one for those weird days where it rained for a little bit, and it kept raining even after the sun came out. Sound like perfect conditions for a rainbow? It was, and it wasn't some little one that lasted for 10 minutes. It was a full arch spanning the entire horizon, and I chased that sucker for 30 minutes. Now most people would just simply enjoy the scene, but I'm a little too cynical for that. What do I start thinking about? Yep, the gold. Now I do realize that there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I don't believe in fairy tales. Besides, Leprechauns are way to sneaky to get caught. The almost got one in Alabama though.

So this gets me thinking about nothing less that being rich and all of the things I would do with the money. You know you do it too. You have to dream a little every once it a while. Before the rainbow disappeared like a beer at a frat party, I came up with the following-

1. Buy a little house on the beach somewhere exotic. Hire a french cook to teach me everything they know. I'd be able to fish every single day and drink a rita' on the beach at sunset. No complaints
2. I'm a guy. Horsepower. Lots of it. A 1 bedroom house attached to a 30 car garage should do.
3. I'd take about half of the money and give it to friends. Make sure their kids education is paid for, stuff like that.
4. A couple of times a year I'd fly all of my friends and family into whatever town I'm in and have a get together for a weekend. Then I'd send the family home and party with the friends for the rest of the week.

I started to have thoughts of buying an NFL franchise, but that faded just as fast as the pretty colors.

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