Thursday, April 2, 2009

Amazon Will Send me to the Poor House

Now usually I can refrain from buying things I don't need but Amazon just kills me. I can go on there and refrain from buying things, but that evil web site remembers stuff I've looked at!!!!

I had to do a little shopping today, no big deal right? So get find what I need and checkout. Kinda. All that junk I've looked at over the past month is staring me in the face screaming BUY ME. I know I shouldn't, but I figure what the hell. I'm spending 80 bucks, why not make it 100? To top it all off I realize next Friday is a holiday, and to make sure I get it I pay 10 bucks more for shipping. I am so hopeless. Stupid computer.

One day I'm going to have to sell all the crap I've bought off that site just to pay rent. I'm sure that will come at a 90% loss. There better be enough left over for a bottle of vodka in the end.

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