Monday, April 6, 2009

Too much?

OK, maybe I was a little rough on the old Amazon. I bought a new toy that I'm thrilled with. I also snagged a pair of albums for that oh so cheap price of 9.99. The first one is the new Flo Rida. For those of you that bought his last one, this one is better. It has a little Black Eyed Peas feel to it. A little bit different and more upbeat than his normal stuff. It has a little something for everyone, even if you don't normally listen to rap. I like every song on it.

Warning: If you visit a certain type of club soon (the type where they have rules about where you can put your hands) you will hear something off of this album. Dance beats are present.

The 2nd one is the new Ludacris album, Theater of the Mind. OK, its not that new, but I didn't have it until now. So far I've only gotten to the intro and one other but lets just say Luda is back. Its been a while since he made an album I like, but this one is solid. Its more about the lyrics than the baet with him (as always). You'll have to actually like rap to dig this album. I give it 3 1/2 stars.

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