Sunday, February 8, 2009

If I Made the Rules

During my jog I had an interesting idea pop into my head somewhere between Mos Def and Coal Chamber. I sort of assisted the law in getting a friend pulled over earlier and I felt bad for them, so I'd like to propose a new law for speed limits. No more posting the maximum speed you can travel in your vehicle. Instead lets base the speed limit on an individual basis. And how do we do that? Simple-we base the speed limit on an individual IQ. How easy is that? Think about it for a minute. Whats your IQ? If you're reading my blog chances are you're allowed to go a damn sight over 100. Is that a smile creeping across your face? I thought so. Now here are some benefits I have thought of so far-
  • Idiots wont be able to keep up, so you have less chance of being hit by one
  • If you see someone driving slow, you'll know everything you need to about that individual
  • You'll get invited on more road trips with your friends
  • A sports car would be practical
  • We would get special lanes on the highway
  • You could take that job 45 miles away and not have to worry about the commute
  • Field sobriety test would be much more civil and even more accurate. Just a cop with a stopwatch asking you to take a quick test to verify how well your mind is working. Or you could be like this guy and there's no need. Whatever happens just don't make the cops break out the taser.
  • You could hit the snooze one more time every morning and still make it to work on time
Now there are some drawbacks here. Your below average IQ is between 70 and 84. That seems a little steep so here's what we do-When getting the car inspected the service guy just changes the speedometer to kilometers per hour. They'll never know and instead of going 80 MPH they will really be doing 50 MPH. Of course we could just go with the George Carlin point of view and let the idiots weed themselves out, tree by tree.

What do you think? If you have any ideas to add please comment. Maybe we can petition for it with 8 or 9 more people on board. And while I'm thinking about it, you can start saving up for my birthday present. I'll take one in black. I can't wait until September.

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