Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Leter to My Shin

Dear Shin (the right one),

Lately you and I have had some trouble getting along and I would like get that out in the open. A few weeks ago we went for a jog and you held up fairly well. Now I know usually I give you a few days rest from one pavement trip and the next, but the next day was a really bad one and I needed to vent a little anger. The first hundred yards you tried to tell me it wasn't going to happen, and I didn't listen. 1/2 a mile later you were done screwing around and made your point loud and clear. I limped back home with a little less pride than before.

Now I gave you 3 weeks off after the screaming between my knee and ankle stopped. Today we went for a nice evening run in the moonlight. Just you, me, and the blinding headlights of passers by. The first quarter mile you were a little hesitant, but then you loosened up like a cheap date on dollar beer night and were just along for the ride. 2 miles later you were still game, but the lungs just couldn't hold out. The next 2 miles we walked a bit and ran a little more. Then, just as we cleared the last cross street you made your presence known. Now you burn from within with the fire of an STD than could only come from a 3rd world country in turmoil. This is bullshit and I want my $5 back. I mean really, it feels like I just scrubbed you down with a Brillo pad and some rubbing alcohol. This is ridiculous.

That's all. I've decided I'm to pissed to offer any resolution a this time. I will however drown out your voice with vodka for the rest of the evening.

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