Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tales from the Dark Side♦

Well not really. But that's what this last week has felt like. I was taken to a large room in a sub-basement that felt like a dungeon. They forced me to work long hours without sleep. I couldn't leave until my task was complete, which is why I have ignored you for the past week. I did get 4 free cookies and a red bull out of the deal though. (The red bull really wasn't appreciated) I prepared for the ordeal by drinking throughout the weekend, and I even made an ass out of myself at least once. Not very proud of that one, and I think the price of redemption will be a steep one.

The good news is that hell week is over and done. I got off work ON TIME today. I was so happy I almost hugged a complete stranger at my apartment complex. I celebrated by doing a little recon at a new sushi joint, and cleaning my apartment. I think I'll even get a decent amount of sleep tonight.

Tomorrow I will run many miles, and I might even stock the giant beer container in my kitchen with something it hasn't seen for weeks-food. Someone even recommended I buy some fake fruit to make it look like I went grocery shopping. Knowing me I'd get drunk and murder a plastic apple at 3 in the morning.......and not realize it until the sun came up.

More to come this weekend.

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